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News(English) GOOD TO SEE YOU IN 2024

(English) GOOD TO SEE YOU IN 2024


At Le Ferre we’re already working on the international trade fair season and the promotion of all new products presented in the last quarter of 2023 (Aperioil, Stipami, Puglia).

The situation in the international oil market does not stop us.
We will work to keep price of the product stable, guaranteeing continuity of supply to everyone.
And we will strengthen Le Ferre’s real ‘plus‘: ‘service‘, our total dedication to the customer and the satisfaction of his needs, as well as the ability to solve his problems.

This is what makes LE FERRE a unique and truly different company in the olive oil world.
We do our work by choice. We do it totally. We do it because we are “reception” every time we dedicate ourselves totally to our customers, big and small; we respect delivery and shipping requirements; we offer assistance and expertise on standards and procedures; we are present in the territory; we share our knowledge so that every purchase is truly conscious and every relationship is based, always, on fairness and respect.

All this has value for us. We believe it’s the same for you too.
Contact us to find out how we can help you.
[email protected] • +39 0998493207

Happy New Year!