Welcome to LE FERRE!
Extra virgin olive oil and our work are story to share

Our company was founded with the intention of sharing all knowledge and flavours. That’s why every space is open and available to discover LE FERRE, without limits or filters.

It’s possible to visit Le Ferre and learn about the olives’ path from the land to the bottle. During the visit, all the staff is available for guests to share details and curiosities, and learn how nothing in our work is left to chance, from unloading the olives to pressing, from storage to labeling.

The visits is completed by a curious and original ‘tasting’ lesson in our cosy tasting room, to learn how to recognise extra virgin olive oils, by nose and palate, and how to pair them with foods.

You will discover 3 different extra virgin olive oils in their sensory attributes.
You ‘ll learn to recognise smells, tastes and to distinguish them on a scale of intensity.
Then, you will taste the evo oils with with foods to understand how to pair or use them for ddressing and for cooking.

Training and Didactics

Le Ferre develops training courses and visits for children from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, oriented to the knowledge and development of their curiosity and multisensory skills.


Le Ferre hosts university and undergraduates students to support them in analysis or case-studies, collection of data for researchs and training in marketing, business development, internationalization, design, strategic communication, brands.

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