A history of Puglia

We are a new wonderful tradition

The company

Future in a solid past

LE FERRE Apulian company produces, packages and sells extra virgin olive oils. Dynamism, productive and sensorial research, flexibility in the management of processes characterize our daily job around the product and customers.

Everything originates in nature. We have the duty to preserve this heritage best

The value of a name

Le Ferre is the name of a country district in the countryside of Castellanterreni parteta (Taranto, PUGLIA) known for its particularly fertile soils. It’s a valley between the sea and the hills: Jonian Sea and Murgia. Little further on, the Gravina canyon’s gorges echo. The mild climate breathes the sea breeze and the smells of Mediterranean scrub. Here, in a piece of land inherited from our grandparents, we keep some centuries-old, imposing and sinuous olive trees.

They are the symbol of who we are and what we believe in. Just because we believe that you have a future only if you have a solid past. Like an olive tree!

We are grandsons of olive growers and fields. The olives were milled at the mill; the olive oil was shared in the family and used for a whole year. We have made a pride of this simple origin. Then, a profession and a new tradition!


Our company was born to welcome, to share all our skills and works.

LE FERRE products are available in the Showroom for a direct and accurate knowledge.

The tasting sessions, business and training meetings are held in the large Tasting Room. This is also the place to welcome tourists and school groups.

Extra virgin olive oil is a true story, it passes through the senses, it’s highly evocative and exciting. It’s nice to have a place where you can feel free to live emotions!

The Kitchen and the Veranda are designed for staing togethere: they are dedicated to convivial moments, to test products, or for a break.

Ideas move in a circle in open Offices.

Creative minds, a window always open to the world, updatings from the “international oil exchange market”, customer service, control of the sales network, organization of events. Le Ferre is a laboratory in daily excitement.

We are territory,

product and service.

We have dedicated bright and functional spaces to processing, because our well-being also improves the work and the final product. The oil mill, oil storage, packaging, product storage: every environment at LE FERRE is well-finished and comfortable, so that each detail of the work can be carried out with care. Outside, then, the large yards are intended for the loading-unloading of goods in safety and comfort.

Technique and passion

The Team
Authentic and professional

In the past, the olive oil was a matter of knowledge passed down.

On the other hand, we have decided to focus on training, strategic marketing, internationalization, design, hospitality.

LE FERRE Team is made up of olive oil tasters, marketing and design professionals, experts in production, packaging and distribution processes in Italy and in foraign Countries, technical and mechanical skilful workers. We take care of the product from the land to the bottle, and the customer from the choice of the product to its final use, in the kitchen or on the table.

We are authentic and rooted in the territory of which we are expression, for culture and values; but we’re projected towards the world and the future with commitment, tenacity and a bit of originality.