Great balance. Lightly fruity, hints of almond on the palate, subtle bitter notes, pleasant spicy to the finish, Multivarietale extra virgin olive oil guarantees harmony in taste and stability in cooking.


Ideal in many food preparations, both for seasoning at the table and for cooking as base in the kitchen, it gives taste in its unmistakable balance.

The terminology and the graphic intensity scale visible on the label have an exclusively internal value of the Monovariety and Multivarietale LE FERRE lines and have the function of simplifying the distinction and

recognisability between said products; therefore it does not reflect or identify with the indications set out in Annex XII, Reg. (EEC) 2568/91 as amended by Reg. (EU) 2016/1227, and Reg. 2019/1604 and subsequent.

The art of a Blend

A good extra virgin olive oil has its typical baggage of perfumes and tastes. Mother Nature stimulates the infinite universe of senses; in this way, fine olive oil’s producing create always new occasions for the palate.

This task of research and composition of flavours is an artisan craft named the art of blend or blending: it means to put together extra virgin olive oils from different olives’ varieties to find the

perfect equilibrium and create unique and skilful aromatic bouquets, both to the nose and to the palate.

Master Blender puts together all his skills, experiences, fancy (why not!): he tastes, checks, doses and creates the right equilibrium for the oil will born and for his customers. It is a continuous, silent and precious work, between nose and palate so, year after year, each one can recognize and choose it, again and again.

Discover who is Le Ferre Master Blender.