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NewsANUGA: “la” fiera del food, da oltre 100 anni!

ANUGA: “la” fiera del food, da oltre 100 anni!

From its origins to today
LE FERRE at Anuga 2023: Hall 11.2 Italian Pavilion, Stand C-049

Cologne is an ancient town in western Germany, famous for its spectacular cathedral and the charm of the Rhine River that washes it (a walk at sunset, worth the trip).

Since 1924 it has hosted the Anuga Fair.

At that time the fair was called the ‘General Food and Luxory Food Exhibition’ and its first edition was in 1919 in Stuttgart. About 200 German companies participated in the first edition.
The fair was held annually and was itinerant: from Stuttgart it went on to Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Magdeburg.

The 1924 edition in Cologne drew 360 exhibitors and more than 40,000 visitors. It was a remarkable success that lasted until the 1929 edition: the complex political and economic situation prevailing in Europe at that time and, of then, the Second World War, led to the cancellation of the exhibition for several years.

The exhibition restarted on October 6, 1951, precisely in Cologne.
A two-year period was chosen; this, too, was a successful choice for Cologne, so much so that the exhibitors asked the organizers that the exposition remain in that city.

In 2003 a further imprint to the event: the idea of “10 trade shows under one roof” was born.
It involved bringing together several thematic trade shows (Fine Food, Bread & Bakery, Chilled & Fresh Food, Organic, Dairy, Hot Beverages, Drinks, Frozen, Meat, Culinary Concepts) into one event. The goal was, and is, to create focus on the individual sectors and offer the best of each segment.
And it is still a success!

It is no coincidence that Anuga (definitely in Cologne) is the only trade fair in the world that hosts all, but really all, segments of the food supply chain.






Today, the Anuga trade fair is a platform for business and inspiration for the global food industry. Not only products; the largest specialized food & beverage community meets at Anuga.
Because by now trends and themes of the food industry “that will be,” pass through Anuga first.

Theme of the 2023 edition is: sustainable growth in the food industry.

The global food industry is experiencing dynamic change.

Anuga aims to provide the impetus to shape the future of the food industry so that the values of personal and environmental well-being are no longer disregarded or forgotten.

The need for product innovations and solutions that sustainably improve the world food system is greater than ever.

Impossible for LE FERRE, to miss the appointment.

LE FERRE, which has always conveyed oil diversity as a prerequisite of culture and attention; which divulges product and production knowledge as an ethical and professional choice; which has set its work on attention and services to customers as the only possible formula of relationship, will be at Anuga in HALL 11.2 ITALIAN PAVILION – Stand C-049.

Book your appointment in Anuga with Federica and Amro from Le Ferre at [email protected] or call to +39 099 849 32 07.

Federica Colangelo – Le Ferre Business Developer

Amro Moqbel – Le Ferre Export Manager